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Aram Sarkisian

Bushwalk the whole world.

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Vegan blues sneakers
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"OML Fashion: Where Sustainability Meets Style for a Waste-Free Life. Join the Movement for a Brighter Future!"

"Green Week promotion:
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!Get Reaady for Coffee Experiences!
“Introducing our exciting new sustainable products: the perfect fusion of style and eco-consciousness for a greener, brighter future.”
"Turn Coffee Waste into Luxurious Eco-Soaps:
Embrace Sustainable Cleanliness!"
Sustainable and healthy soap  just for you.

Indulge in our eco-friendly and nourishing soap collection.

Experience the magic of sustainable bathing.

Upgrade your routine today!

New arrivals for this season!

We produce sustainable, exclusive, and original products in large quantities for companies, schools, and individuals.

Contact us for consulting on your project.

“We accept orders starting from 50 soaps
Available in 3 chosen scents

Turn your company's waste into exquisite luxury products with our unparalleled expertise and guidance.

Botanical print using onion skins and leaves.

Bags crafted from recycled banners.

Bags crafted from recycled coffee jute bags.

“Empower the Future: Providing Quality Education and Sports Opportunities for Kids Worldwide!”
“Unite for Victory: Perla Gymnastics Aruba Leads the Way in Sports and Sustainability”

“We are thrilled to bring sustainable fashion to La Perla de Aruba Gymnastics School with our sneakers for the South American Championship in Paraguay, Asunción 2023 .
Step up your game with style and sustainability!”
Unlocking the Potential of Sustainability:


Leading the Way to a Greener Future


our mission is to empower and collaborate with sustainable companies, guiding them towards creating a healthier and more environmentally conscious world.

Together, we can achieve your desired Sustainable Development Goals. Let us be your trusted advisors, helping you turn your aspirations into tangible reality.

Translation into professional English for advertising and social impact purposes:

“Unleashing Sustainable Success: OML FASHION & CONSULTING

– Empowering Your Journey Towards a Greener Future.”


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