Sneakers Vegan Twisters


Sizes available from 37 to 46.

– Sneakers Made from recycled PET plastic bottles.

– Tie dye laces
– Insoles made from sugarcane residue
– Recycled rubber soles
– Vegan leather interior
– Packaging made from recycled cardboard


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Introducing our Vegan Bleach Sneakers, a footwear revolution that combines style and sustainability.

Each pair is meticulously crafted using recycled plastic, transformed into a strong, modern, and visually stunning fabric, making your feet a work of art.

We lovingly create these sneakers with a deep commitment to protecting our environment, ensuring that every detail is taken care of. From the sourcing of materials to the final product, we leave no stone unturned.

It takes 18 carefully curated processes to bring these luxurious sneakers to life, ensuring that you not only look good, but also feel good about your choice.

Join the movement and make a statement with our Vegan Bleach Sneakers. Fashion with a conscience has never looked so stylish. Shop now and be part of the sustainable fashion revolution.

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