About Us

Hola, I’m Maria Isabel Ibarra
I’m the founder of OML Fashion and OML Consulting .
OML Fashion is a  Company.
We give a new life to discarded clothing ,waste and materials.
We do this because we care about our planet and want to reduce CO2 emissions.
In the beginning of 2020, just before the start of the global
pandemic, I won a sustainable challenge from the Dutch
National Railway Company: they had refurbished one of their
intercity trains and had all kinds of materials available
that normally go to waste incineration. Entrepreneurs were
asked to come up with sustainable solutions for their waste.
I submitted an idea for the old train seat covers (textile
covers with synthetic leather). The idea was to make
(shopping)bags and Spanish espadrilles (footwear) from this
material. I won the competition, received a small financial
contribution and have now been allowed to sell some products
to some hundred Dutch National Railway employees. I have now
become more involved in circular entrepreneurship and am
seeing a lot of opportunities! Today I am a proud designer / Consulting of circulair economy. 

Building a cleaner and more sustainable world: Waste management, recycling programs, education, certifications. Join us in making a difference! Contact us now.

– Cost reduction through waste management: Our waste consulting and management services are designed to identify areas of waste and implement strategies that lead to cost savings. We analyze your current waste management practices and suggest improvements that can reduce expenses associated with waste disposal.

– Transforming waste into valuable products by maximizing recycling efforts: We help businesses maximize their recycling efforts by developing efficient recycling programs. By diverting waste materials from landfills and finding opportunities for recycling and repurposing, we can help turn waste into valuable resources.

– Educating participants in effective trash and recycling sorting: Proper sorting of trash and recycling is crucial for effective waste management. We educate and train your staff on best practices for waste sorting, ensuring that materials are disposed of correctly and recycling efforts are optimized.

– Crafting and implementing recycling, composting, and zero waste initiatives: We assist in the development and implementation of recycling, composting, and zero waste initiatives tailored to your facility’s specific needs. These initiatives promote sustainable practices and help minimize waste generation.

– Facilitating Zero Waste certification: Our experts can guide you through the process of achieving Zero Waste certification. We provide the necessary guidance and support to help your facility meet the criteria for certification, demonstrating your commitment to sustainability.

– Overseeing recycling and waste programs facility-wide: We take a comprehensive approach to managing recycling and waste programs, ensuring that they are implemented consistently across your entire facility. Our team provides oversight and support to optimize recycling efforts and waste reduction strategies.

– Drastically cutting waste management time by 100%: Our streamlined waste management solutions help businesses save time and resources by implementing efficient processes. We identify areas of improvement and implement strategies that can significantly reduce the time spent on waste management activities.

– Fine-tuning and optimizing waste management programs: We continuously evaluate and fine-tune waste management programs to maximize efficiency and sustainability. Our experts stay up to date with industry best practices and technologies to ensure that your waste management program is optimized for success.

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