About us

We are OML Fashion. OML Fashion originated from the acronym “

Design With Love“.

OML is a young, creative company with a ‘passion for fashion’ and has a clear vision of sustainable, social and responsible entrepreneurship.

OML focuses on love for the planet and the environment and aims to contribute to the development of a circular economy with its sustainable products.

Through our company philosophy we want to create more awareness for a more sustainable life. OML would also like to give back to society by collaborating with fellow circular entrepreneurs, partners and governments to support charities and social projects.



About us

Maria Ibarra 
Owner & Sustainability Consultant
  • About our Sustainability
  • We are OML Fashion and we can help you give all your residual materials a second life, together with you during a workshop organized by us!

Let your imagination run wild and create something beautiful
make a fashionable bag or a nice kitchen apron
contribute to a sustainable life cycle of your creation

Book a cozy workshop at OML Fashion at the workplace, at your home or wherever you want!

Have we inspired you, do you have any questions or do you want to plan a workshop? Please contact OML Fashion via info@omlfashion.eu or call Maria Ibarra



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