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Welcome to a Sustainable life

About OML

OML Fashion is a sustainable company: OML cares about our planet and would like to contribute to making our planet and economy more sustainable by producing sustainable fashion. With this we want to contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions by, for example, waste and (clothing) materials too red from the landfill, shredder and incinerator. In summary, with our company we want to have a positive effect on our planet, people and the environment.

Upcycle products

Special Edition

“You can also reduce waste by giving our used materials a second life as new products through upcycling. Sustainable Designers and Manufacturing companies use our used materials to make new products. This way they get a completely new function and in this way remain of value for a long time shift.”

Where you can find usDuring the Upcycling week of the NS (7 to 22 November 2020) you can find us in the NS Upcycling pop-up shop, Utrecht Central station next to Spoor 18-19.
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